Sat, 13 Aug 1994


I like Byron Black's "corner" and I imagine Indonesian English students find it useful. This is the only English newspaper that I know of, so I would think most foreigners read it. A similar "corner" to help us with the Indonesian language might be appropriate.

With this opportunity I would like to say a word on pollution. I see people burning trash next to empty receptacles. Why? These fires are unsightly, smelly, unhealthy and dangerous around children. The present drought in Indonesia, and in other areas of the world, is partially attributed to air pollution of the past. These fires should be stopped for our present and future well- being.

Another thing that flashes into my mind is the use of ties. Ties are used internationally in business and politics. I don't know why. Ties don't indicate honesty, intelligence or wealth. Batik is a great tradition of Indonesia and is more comfortable in this climate. It also depicts a proud Indonesian rather than a fake Westerner. To me, it is ironic to see an Indonesian politician advocating nationalism while wearing foreign clothes.