Sat, 13 Aug 1994

Sudomo, Siska to carry on with divorce suit

JAKARTA (JP): Lawyers for both retired admiral Sudomo, and his wife Fransiska Diah Widowati, said their clients had failed to reconcile their differences and will continue with divorce proceedings.

Though neither Sudomo, who is currently chairman of the Supreme Advisory Council, nor Fransiska, popularly known as Siska, saw fit to attend yesterday's hearing at South Jakarta district court, their lawyers revealed the improbability of the couple ever getting back together.

"We have tried but it has not succeeded," said Siska's lawyer, Abdul Bari Azed after being asked by Judge Soedjatman that the two attempt to work out a reconciliation.

Azed even went so far as to say that his client accepted the divorce appeal.

Sudomo, former Coordinating Minister of Political Affairs and Security, married Siska at Paulus church, Central Jakarta, on Sept. 20, 1990.

Several senior government officials attended the merry affair including then minister of defense and security Benny Moerdani and chief justice Ali Said.

This marks the second failed marriage for both Sudomo and Siska, the groom having previously been divorced from Franscina Piay.

Sudomo and Siska seemed happy for much of their four-years together, overcoming the more than 30-year age difference. Even Siska's departure for three months of study in France last month did not seem to threaten the marital bliss.

Sudomo filed the divorce suit early last month claiming irreconcilable differences. He is being represented by the O.C. Kaligis law firm in the divorce proceedings.

It is believed that Siska remains abroad since she has not attended any of the four previous hearings.

In his office following the trial, Judge Soedjatman said the couple had been given enough time to reconcile their differences and that next week's proceedings will include testimony.

"There will probably be two witnesses, one from each side," he said of the divorce suit which was adjourned until Friday.

Sudomo himself handed the case briefs to Soedjatman who is also head of the South Jakarta district court. (mds)