Sat, 06 Aug 1994

Sudomo and Siska did not show up in divorce trial

JAKARTA (JP): Neither retired admiral Sudomo, the head of the Supreme Advisory Council (DPA), nor his wife Fransiska Diah Widowati, showed up for their divorce trial at the South Jakarta district court yesterday.

The highly anticipated presence of news maker Sudomo and his wife fizzled yesterday as both sent their respective lawyers to appear before the court instead.

"Yes, I will try again next week," presiding judge Soedjatman said when asked if he would again try to bring the two before the court.

When queried on the contents of yesterday's closed proceedings Soedjatman would not reveal much, saying that Fransiska's counsel delivered her answer to Sudomo's divorce plea.

Sudomo, who was then Coordinating Minister of Political Affairs and Security, married Fransiska Widowati at Paulus church, Central Jakarta, on Sept. 20, 1990, in a ceremony witnessed by several senior government officials including the then Minister of Defense and Security, L.B. Moerdani, and Chief Justice Ali Said.

This was the second marriage for both Sudomo, 68, and Fransiska, 36, with the groom previously divorced with four children from Fransisca Piay.

Despite the more than 30-year age gap, the newly wed couple seemed happy, showing no signs of tension even when Fransiska left for a three-month study in France in July.

In a startling turn of events Sudomo filed a divorce suit claiming irreconcilable differences early last month. Sudomo himself handed the case documents to Soedjatman who is also head of the South Jakarta district court.

In the past few months Sudomo has also been in the center of controversy with his alleged role in the US$620 million Bapindo Bank scandal.

Though neither one of the lawyers would comment, M.P. Mahendra, who is representing Fransiska, revealed that at present Fransiska is still in France.

"I have not met with her (Fransiska)...someone on her behalf gave the me authority to represent her," he said without revealing the identity of that person.


Though the court would like to have both parties present at the trial in an attempt to reconciliate the couple, judge Soedjatman admitted that Fransiska was not bound to attend the court proceedings.

"Since she has mandated a representative to the court she is thus not obligated to come," he explained.

Yane T., the lawyer from the O.C. Kaligis law firm representing Sudomo, refused to comment on her clients next move.

However Soedjatman revealed that if Sudomo declines to respond to Fransiska's reply, the proceedings would then move forth to witness testimony.

Djurnetty S. a member of yesterday's panel of judges said she believed that next weeks proceedings will go directly to testimonies.

"I don't think Pak (Mr.) Domo will give another looks like it will go straight to the examination of witnesses."

Pak Domo is a popular name of the retired admiral.

The divorce suit was adjourned until Friday. (mds)