Mon, 17 Oct 1994

`Suara Pembaruan' management

The management of Suara Pembaruan daily newspaper was quite disturbed by your article: Internal trouble brewing at Suara Pembaruan, published by your paper on Saturday, Oct. 8, 1994. We feel that The Jakarta Post should have first checked with us prior to publishing it. It is incorrect that our management is not concerned with the daily performance of the paper. Improving the quality is done continuously and it will never stop.

As revealed by the 1994 Survey Research Indonesia (SRI), a professional independent research organization, our readership increased again by more than 20 percent in 1993. In the seven years since its inception, circulation has shown a strong steady growth. This has also been proven by the fact that our advertising revenue has also increased accordingly.

Only seven out of 50 journalist were actually involved and represented in your story.

Regarding welfare, we can only state that although our policies may not be the very best we are quite sure that our total fringe benefits are indeed very good.

We sincerely expect that The Jakarta Post should in future exercise more balanced news coverage, so our readers won't be misled.




President Director