Sat, 27 Jul 1996

Students stage demonstration

UJUNGPANDANG, South Sulawesi: About 50 Indonesian Moslem University students spent last night at the provincial legislative council building.

They were pressing for the court-martialling of the 12 security officials believed responsible for the April deaths of three student demonstrators.

The local military and government have promised to bring the soldiers to court but have shown no sign that they will fulfill their promise, they said.

"They bore us with promises and we cannot wait any longer," said the spokesman for the demonstrators, Selle K.S. Dalle.

The military claim that the three student demonstrators drowned when security officers moved in to disperse the thousands of students who were demonstrating their opposition to a transport fare hike in April.

Following massive protests against the military's alleged brutality, the local authorities formed a fact-finding team and announced that 12 soldiers would be brought to justice.

Selle vowed yesterday to continue occupying the legislative premises until their demand is met.

Council chief Alim Bachrie rejected their demand to speak with governor H.Z.B. Palaguna and local military commander Maj. Gen. Sulatin. (20/pan)