Mon, 16 Oct 2000

Students rally against Israel

SEMARANG, Central Java: Some 1,500 students claiming to support the Justice Party (PK) rallied at the provincial legislative council on Saturday to condemn Israel's attack on Palestinians.

The protesters, mostly women, gathered at state Diponegoro University's mosque before marching through the city. The march ended at the City Council compound.

In his speech, student leader Muhammad Arifin said Indonesians should give both moral and financial support to their Palestinian brethren.

"We also urge President Abdurrahman Wahid not to formalize diplomatic or trade relations with the Israelis," he said.

Several councillors, including Sutoyo Abadi of the Golkar Party, Djawahir Muhammad of the United Development Party, Hadi Pranoto of the National Mandate Party and several others from the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle, were seen among the protesters. (har/lup)