Wed, 21 Jun 2000

Student detained over drugs despite exam

PURWOKERTO, Central Java: Local police have pledged to continue detaining high school student Dana, who was arrested for using crystal amphetamine derivative Shabu-Shabu, in a bid to get more information of a possible drug ring.

"Dana said he obtained the drugs from his friends at school and we intend to gather more information from him. So even though he has to attend school examinations, we will continue to detain him," said Banyumas Police chief Lt. Col. Imam Basuki.

"We do not want to give him any leniency," he added.

Dana was caught in possession of 0.25 gram Shabu-Shabu and an inhaler tool at his house in Bobosan village here last week.

He could be charged with Narcotics Law No. 22/1999. "The charges will be set according to his crime and age," the officer added. (45/edt)