Fri, 03 Mar 2000

Street singer stabs passengers

JAKARTA (JP): A street singer was detained on Thursday by Central Jakarta Police officers for allegedly injuring two bus passengers in an attempt to get even with them, an officer said.

"Marsuni, 25, was involved in a dispute with Pieter Parihala and Martin, as the three were trying to get off the bus at the same time at the Senen bus terminal in Central Jakarta," Second Lt. Indra said.

"Marsuni remained emotional after getting off the bus and went to Senen park to get a sickle, that he kept in a bush. He then went after Pieter and Martin," the officer said.

He said Masuni spotted the two when they were about to board a bus serving the Senen-Ciledug route. He took the next bus in pursuit of the two.

At Jl. Taman Merdeka Utara, Central Jakarta, his bus caught the first bus in traffic congestion caused by some 150 students from Front Kota, staged a demonstration at the Presidential Palace.

Masuni told the officer, "I jumped off the bus and got into the bus that carried Pieter and Martin."

Marsuni approached the two and swung his sickle, slashing Pieter's left hand. Martin hurt himself trying to grab the sickle from Marsuni with his bare hands.

Police personnel, who were at the scene to monitor the demonstration, were alerted by the screams of panicked students and passengers. Some of the officers boarded the bus and apprehended Marsuni. (06)