Sat, 27 Sep 2003

STPDN system needs change

From Warta Kota

The news of the death of Wahyu Hidayat, a Public Administration Institute (STPDN) student in Jakarta, has touched me deeply. Moreover, with limited sources of income, his parents expected him to support the family later.

Meanwhile, three senior students causing his death have been ordered to leave the college and more than a dozen others subjected to administrative measures.

Upon further reflection, my conclusion is that the students are not to blame but the system applied by STPDN is at fault. How could its students change in their attitudes in one to two years and torture their junior to death? The STPDN system must be physically and mentally oppressive, which make them lose their consciences.

In my view, though the perpetrators must be punished for killing a junior, the main culprits are the system and leadership of STPDN. Its curriculum must be changed and its leadership and teaching staff replaced, while giving up its military discipline.

S. WALUYO Jakarta