Fri, 19 Aug 1994

Stolen goods

From Pelita

A robbery took place on Friday, July 22, 1994 when nobody was at home during the day. By applying a sophisticated technique, you robbers were able to break the padlock on my gate in the housing complex of the Department of Social Affairs in Bumi Bintaro. In this operation you took all my electronic appliances and other things that nobody wants to buy, including travel iron, some clothes and suits, a number of ties, ordinary shoes, gas tank, reading glasses, wireless telephone and other goods. Most of the things I mentioned were in fact presents.

I know too well that you must have been very disappointed because you did not find valuable things in the house. Being so disappointed, you then took all the things you thought you could sell. I have reported this theft to the police, and I have also consulted a wise man (paranormal) who wanted to help me to get my things back. According his to observation, you still have some of the stolen goods. So I sincerely wish that we should respect each other by you returning the things you have taken. I would be ready to compensate you in cash if you agree to my proposal. Or if you think this is not enough, I would like to know what you suggest. The most important thing for me is that I can get my things back (although slightly defective). Be sure that I do not wish revenge. I would greatly appreciate if you could do what I suggest. Please contact me through: PO BOX 8509 Jakarta Selatan 12085.

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