Sat, 02 Dec 2000

STM student murdered

JAKARTA (JP): A group of youths murdered on Friday morning Andri Respati Suisa, 17, in a field in the Ancol residential area in North Jakarta.

The freshman at Tanjung Priok Shipping Engineering Vocational High School (STM) died of severe cuts to his body, concentrated on his chest and stomach, half an hour after being rushed to Tugu Hospital.

An officer from the Ancol Police station said the victim was playing with firecrackers in the field with two of friends when a group of some 20 youths approached them.

"When the (three) became aware the youths were looking for trouble, the three attempted to flee the area," said the officer, who requested anonymity, at the morgue of Cipto Mangunkusumo General Hospital.

The victim, who was not familiar with the area, was cornered when he ran down the dead-end Jl. Murtadho.

The victim lived in the Uka housing complex in Tugu, North Jakarta, approximately one kilometer from where he was murdered.

"Some of the youths who were carrying machetes cut him up, while his two friends managed to escape," the officer said.

"The police are still investigating the motive for the attack and looking for the murder suspects," he said. (asa)