Sun, 11 Nov 2001

Still Playing

About Adam (Drama/Comedy, 105 minutes). Starring Stuart Townsend, Kate Hudson, Frances O'Connor. Directed by Gerard Stembridge.

A mysterious man changes the lives of everybody in his girlfriend's family. An interesting little gem.*** (out of ****)

Legally Blonde (Comedy, 96 minutes). Starring Reese Witherspoon, Luke Wilson, Matthew Davis, Victor Garber. Directed by Robert Luketic.

A pretty, blonde girl follows her boyfriend to Harvard Law School and ends up making a splash in court.**1/2

Rat Race (Comedy, 125 minutes). Starring Whoopi Goldberg, Jon Lovitz, Rowan Atkinson, Cuba Gooding, Jr., Seth Green, Breckin Meyer. Directed by Jerry Zucker.

An all-star cast takes part in a race from Las Vegas to New Mexico, with $2 million at stake. OK screwball/road comedy.**1/2

Get Over It (Comedy/Romance, 87 minutes). Starring Kirsten Dunst, Ben Foster, Melissa Sagemiller, Sisqo. Directed by Tommy O'Haver.

A boy can get over his former girlfriend, while another girl has a crush on him. Average teen flick.**

House on Terror Tract (Horror/Thriller, 96 minutes). Starring John Ritter. Directed by Lance W. Dreesen and Clint Hutchison.

Three stories of horror and suspense. Several good moments but nothing special.**

Just Visiting (Comedy/Fantasy, 88 minutes). Starring Jean Reno, Christina Applegate, Christian Clavier, Matt Ross, Bridgette Wilson. Directed by Jean-Marie Poire.

A nobleman and his servant are transported from 12th century France to modern-day Chicago with the expected complications.**

America's Sweethearts (Romance/Comedy, 102 minutes). Starring Julia Roberts, John Cusack, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Billy Crystal, Christopher Walken. Directed by Joe Roth.

Supposed satire about a beloved screen couple splitting up. A total misfire.*1/2

Sugar and Spice (Comedy, 84 minutes). Starring Marla Sokoloff, Mary Shelton, James Marsden. Directed by Francine McDougall.

Stupid, often offensive film about a group of high school cheerleaders who rob banks.*1/2

Turbulence 3: Heavy Metal (Action/Thriller). Starring Craig Sheffer, Gabrielle Anwar, Joe Mantegna. Directed by Jorge Montesi.

A group of terrorists hijack a flying jumbo jet which is the flying venue for a heavy metal concert.*1/2

-- Joko E.H. Anwar