Wed, 25 Sep 2002

SQ has lost a customer

I empathize with the reader who lost a pair of sunglasses on a Singapore Airlines flight. It is not just the personal loss but the frustration that Singapore Airlines (SQ) causes if you dare lodge a complaint, or have an enquiry. Like the reader I have been a frequent flyer with SQ for 10 years. Over the first six months of 2002 I have attempted to make contact with SQ to lodge a grievance and it has been a most frustrating experience. During the 10-year period when I flew with SQ I accumulated hundreds of thousands of frequent flyer points and I achieved star alliance platinum status.

Unfortunately all of my points were under the Ansett Star Alliance Frequent Flyer program and when Ansett went bust so did my points and status. I wrote off the points, but I have attempted to contact SQ on numerous occasions to enquire about the possibility of having my status reinstated, a large percentage of my FF points were accumulated with SQ. Despite numerous faxes, e-mails and phone calls SQ has refused to make any allowance for me.

I joined the SQ FF program in January 2002 and despite the fact that I flew over 40,000 miles from January 2002 until June 2002 I still have no status, apparently points for status upgrade are only determined on April 1, (April fools day) how appropriate. I am sure your reader has written off the sunglasses by now, I have written off SQ, I am now a happy and loyal customer of another less arrogant airline.