Fri, 29 Sep 2000

Sports snappers to display their best

JAKARTA (JP): Twelve sports photojournalists from five of the countries' major print media will display a selection of their best work in a 19-day expo at Antara Photojournalism Gallery in Pasar Baru, Central Jakarta, starting Friday.

According to a tentative schedule, the exhibition will be opened on Friday evening by state news agency Antara boss Mohammad Sobari.

The event, dubbed as the first sports photo exhibition ever in the country, features 32 snaps from photographers working for Antara, Kompas, Tempo, Jawa Pos and Pikiran Rakyat.

Photographers in the exhibition comprise Audi Mirza Alwi, Bernard Chaniago, Eddy Hasby, Hadiyanto, Harry Surjana, Hermanus Prihatna, Julian Sihombing, Maha Eka Swasta, Oscar Matuloh, Sugeng Deas, Sunyoto and Zarqoni Maksum.

"Most of the works on display will reveal the various ways national top athletes struggle to win for their respective provinces," the gallery said in a statement on Thursday.

The gallery did not say whether the portraits on display would be color or black and white or whether they would be for sale. (bsr)