Sat, 27 Jul 1996

Sour and sweet always meet

Mr. Coelho turned a pale shade of yellow

When he was maligned in a letter unsigned

And Farid Baskoro couldn't take any more - o

When journalists Western, asking difficult questions

About RI planes, gave him terrible pains.

Pak Arman says, "Please, take away all Chinese,

I can't stand their wealth, their success or their health."

Pak Djuana considers today's generation

An insult to the Indonesian nation.

And Mr. Chandramouli holds strong views

On almost any subject you care to choose.

Writers all, please don't despair

If not all readers find you fair,

One man's poison is another's meat.

Some like sour, some like sweet.

But one point is agreed on by most:

We all read the letters in The Jakarta Post!