Fri, 17 Mar 2000

Sondakh swore in amid protests

MANADO, North Sulawesi: A.J. Sondakh and Freddy Sualang were installed as North Sulawesi governor and deputy governor respectively on Wednesday, disregarding allegations of irregularities en route to their election.

The Independent Investigation Team for Succession (TIIS) said in a statement that it planned to file a lawsuit against the provincial legislative council to the state administrative court for alleged violations of gubernatorial election rules.

The group told Antara it had decided to challenge the election results in the court following evidence it found during its investigation.

Director of Regional Administration H.S. Yussach said the election results should be annulled if the court ruled in TIIS' favor.

Local political observer J.J.Lontaan from the state Sam Ratulangi University questioned the morality of the councillors, who unanimously voted for Sondakh and Freddy last month. (01)