Mon, 03 Jan 2000

Some 106 police guilty of crimes

BANDAR LAMPUNG, Lampung: At least 106 police officers in Lampung were punished for their involvement in various crimes last year, the provincial police chief Brig. Gen. Riswahyono said on Friday.

"The number of corrupt police personnel in 1999 rose by 40 percent compared to 68 percent in 1998," he told Antara.

Most of the policemen were found guilty of assault.

Meanwhile, in the neighboring province of Bengkulu, the local police have handed sanctions to 14 of its members for various violations. Four of them have been fired.

"We want to prove that the police are not immune to the law," Bengkulu Police chief Col. Muafi Sahuji said.

Among the dismissed police members were found guilty of committing adultery and having two wives, Muafi said. (edt)