Thu, 12 Jun 2003

From: Jawawa

Solving traffic congestion

From Media Indonesia

Allow me to suggest some ideas about how to solve the traffic congestion problems in Pasar Jumat, Lebak Bulus and Ciputat.

* The median strip running between Pasar Jumat and Ciputat must be thickly painted white again, as otherwise they are not visible at night and are a potential danger to drivers.

* The construction of the underpass at the crossroads of Pasar Jumat will be of little use, if the direction of the traffic remains as it is today. (The underpass is intended for vehicles from Lebak Bulus bus terminal heading toward Ciputat). The traffic congestion does not occur at the crossroads of Pasar Jumat, but along the road in front of Lebak Bulus bus terminal.

Private and public vehicles, as well as passengers, are concentrated at a single point, which may be considered an "unmarked" terminal, in front of Sekopol Pasar Jumat. Ciputat residents should be pitied as part of the existing road to Pasar Jumat, which is already very much congested, will become part of the underpass.

Actually, the traffic must be returned to its original course. When the construction of the underpass is completed, all public vehicles from Ciputat or Jl. Cirendeu must go straight to Lebak Bulus bus terminal without passing through Sekopol. This will encourage passengers to change buses at the terminal. All vehicles must leave the terminal to the right so that they will pass the Pondok Indah crossroads, from where the police can make further arrangements.

The road through Sekopol should be two-way, and all private vehicles from Ciputat, Kebayoran Lama or Kampung Rambutan should pass through there.

The main point is to find a way to disperse the crowds of people in front of Sekopol and to untangle the traffic jam in front of Lebak Bulus bus terminal.

I've heard that a flyover will be constructed around Ciputat. To cut costs, maybe an alternative may be considered. Why not build a one-way road from Ciputat gas station leading directly to the crossroads of Cimanggis gas station (close to Tiptop)?

Vehicles going from Parung to Pasar Jumat must travel in a single direction and pass Ciputat market. The problem here is how to prevent people from crowding in front of Ciputat market.

LAELA, Jakarta