Thu, 02 Dec 2010

TEMPO Interactive, Surakarta:The Surakarta Research Council will build a solar-generated power plant early next year for the Solo Techno Park. However, the technology applied will not use solar cell tools. “Solar cell tools are not economical because they are costly,” said the Council Chief, B.B. Triyatmoko, yesterday. The newly discovered tools are environmentally-friendly. The research will involve experts from Germany, which are currently conducting a study with the Surakarta Indonesian Technical Machine Academy.

The power plants will use be fueled by steam, by catching the sun radiation to heat the water tubes which will be set on the roof of the Solo Techno Park building. The calorie produced is to spin the power plant’s turbine. The power plant can produce three megawatt electricity, equivalent to the one produced by the Gajah Mungkur Dam, a hydro-electric plant in Wonogiri. “The electricity can meet the needs of Solo Techno Park,” he said.

The project is a collaboration between Surakarta, the City of Munich, and the Moosburg Municipality in Germany. “This is quite a spectacular project,” said the Surakarta Regional Secretary Budi Suharto. However, he said, the Surakarta Municipality cannot guarantee the budget for the project yet. He promised to seek funding from the central government.