Mon, 30 Oct 2000

SMS to deliver new ring tone and logo

By Lim Tri Santosa

BANDUNG (JP): Even earlier than I anticipated, it looks as though the mobile operators have now recognized the fact that WAP is not going to do the trick for them.

As I thought, wireless data is still some time in the distant future and there are indications that operators are refocusing on SMS. There are many reasons why SMS has not worked in the past. First of all, the service is totally user-unfriendly. Secondly, there is no point sending a message if you the other user is not using the same operator.

In other words, there is still room to move in this market. With the competition heating up in the mobile GSM network market in Indonesia, the triopoly (Telkomsel, Satelindo, and Excelcomindo) will soon have to make a move to link their systems -- as a matter of fact we believe that such a decision is imminent. Once that is in place, I am sure we will see some interesting price competition. I wouldn't be surprised if some of the packaged mobile services were to include free SMS use!

With SMS, users can customize their cellular phones with cool graphics using SMS technology. Your mobile phone model should be compatible to receive logo/ring tone. Nokia is the only cellphone model that can adjust ring tone and operator logo with SMS technology. There are no other cellphones which have the capability to receive SMS and then save it into ring tone or operator logo. I will reveal a way to load a new ring tone and fancy graphic logo for free.

Your ring tone is who you are, especially when someone else's phone rings whilst in a crowded place. You don't need any musical talent to compose the right tunes for ring tone. Some web sites offer free ringtones. There are loads of tones to choose from, such as original soundtrack Mission Impossible, pop songs like Breathless (the Corrs), classical music like Mozart, and many more to suit everyone's personality and musical tastes.

The site is (Iguana SMS service). It gives users the opportunity to send SMS messages to mobile phones connected to the GSM mobile network. This includes Telkomsel, Satelindo, Excelcom, and hundreds of overseas mobile networks. As well as being able to send SMS messages around the world, owners of Nokia mobile phones are able to send logos and ringtones to their phone.

Operator logos are the "Home" screen on your phone which will by default display your networks name i.e., SAT-C, TELKOMSEL, EXCELCOM. For every operator there is a different operator code. The code is MCC and MNC. There is a corresponding word "SAT-C" (as an example) sent from the base-station to your phone. MCC is the country code while MNC is the operator code. Your phone would receive this code from the base station and "SAT-C" being the word. For Nokia phones there is a special setting to store a 72*14*2 black & white bitmap to replace the word "SAT-C". The MCC and MNC number code are stored within the special setting. If the phone detects the network operator is the same as the MCC and MNC code, it will show the logo instead of the word "SAT-C".

When you go overseas or change the SIM card with a different network operator, the phone would see a different MCC and MNC number from the one that is stored on your phone. It would then revert back to the original word instead of your logo. The bottom line is when you use SIM card of the same network operator (even though different number) and the same Nokia phone to receive the logo, the intact logo remains. Thus, if you receive the logo with Telkomsel SIM card (e.g. 081-123-4567) then you change with another Telkomsel SIM card, the logo remains. But if you change with another Nokia cellphone, even though the model is the same as the former, the logo will not appear. The ring tone is not connected or concerned with a different SIM card, as long as you use the receiving Nokia cellphone.

To be able to receive operator logo and ring tone from Iguana SMS service, you need to meet three conditions. First, Your network operator's SMSC (Short Message Service Center) must be connected to a Singapore network. I have already tested and concluded that all Indonesian GSM network operators are able to support 8 bit SMS. Secondly, your Nokia phone model must be able to support operator logo or/and ring tone. Basically, all Nokia models can receive one new ring tone and one new operator logo, except the 5110 model, which can only receive one operator logo. Get your IguanaSMS user account first before you do any other thing. You will receive an email that contains your login password after registration.

How can you receive your free logo and ring tone? Click on to free trial zone. Choose either free logo or free ring tone. You can pick up any famous ring tone or fancy graphic logo, you can even create your own ring tone or logo if you prefer. There is a logo artist template to design your own logo using bitmap black and white color. Then enter your user name and password into the request form, press Send Now. Be careful not to enter the country code in front of your mobile phone (+62) because it is already known when you select the name of the GSM network operator; also do not key in the leading zero in front of your mobile phone number (81xxxxxxxx). Please wait for few seconds for the logo/ring tone transmission.

What should you do when the logo/ring tone reach your phone? For most NOKIA models, you will see "Operator logo received" or "Ringtone received". Press Option and then Save.

Now, you can feel funky whenever your cellphone rings. No time to wonder whether it is yours or the guy sitting next to you, even though to some persons customized ring tones are the most annoying thing in the world. By the way, there are other free services that deliver SMS ring tone and operator logo with a lot of choices. Please check at and More tunes are being added each week in those sites, so stay tuned for the right ring tone and logo. (