Sun, 04 Jun 2000

Sleeping dogs don't lie

(Dedicated to Aceh)

Sleeping dogs don't lie -- but -- dead men in dead huts, dead women in dead houses, dead children in dead hovels so often do.

The slaughtered animals on altars of a hollow peace so often do enjoy their lies: to be the sacrificial beasts for hallowed men engaged in holy wars to reach their peace of hollow mind ....

It takes a typhoon and a mighty flood to wash their eloquence away and laying bare their cemeteries of empty Truths.

Do you ever realize: -- a bamboo shoot that's cut does cry? -- that dogs bark for attention? -- that sleeping dogs don't die?


The past is transfixed in the ground like pillars rammed in the rocks underneath as hopeful foundations.

The future: an open dome in the sky, a space that won't charge its priceless dimensions for a vault to shelter the pillars of past.

The clouds in the sky move freely in the prison of their winds, but the pillars of past stay fixed, without motion, unable to catch the clouds of desire deep above ...

-- By Idris Kyrway

-- From The Book of Kyrway