Tue, 02 Aug 1994

Slavery band busted

BANDAR LAMPUNG, Lampung: Police have arrested four people on charges of selling a 13-year-old girl into prostitution.

Lampung police chief Col. Endang Suwanda said the girl, a junior high school student, was rescued from a hotel where she had been forced into having sex with several guests.

Endang said it was the first time ever the police rescued a child from a prostitution syndicate.

One of those arrested was the girl's 49-year old uncle, who had sold her to a pimp at a discotheque in Telukbetung in Bandar Lampung's south.

"The police acted on a tip from the girl's parents who want to make sure that the culprit is punished," Endang said as quoted by Antara. (pan)