Sat, 21 Sep 2002

Singapore Airlines

In June this year I boarded a return Singapore Airlines (SQ 24) flight and flew to New Jersey for a short break. Shortly after arrival I discovered that my pair of Mako sunglasses were missing from my checked-in luggage. Armed with numerous telephone numbers I tried to contact Singapore Airlines in New York, only to be connected to machine after machine.

After a series of some 15 calls, I realized that the only location where SQ personnel would be prepared to organically respond to calls was where the money was -- reservations.

I telephoned reservations and was finally able to communicate the theft. The sales clerk noted the claim and also recommended I telephone the SQ ticketing desk in Newark, explaining this was the only other SQ department that hadn't as yet been mechanically sealed with voice mail machines.

Subsequently I called SQ Newark and instead of being greeted with the drone of a machine, I was greeted with nothing as the telephone just rang and rang. Having no option, I dropped the matter until I checked in at Newark for the return flight. Ticketing staff made an additional note of my claim and recommended following up on the matter in Jakarta, also advising that SQ staff in Jakarta would meet me on arrival at the airport.

Jakarta staff did meet me on my arrival, and together we filled in a form detailing the claim. Four months have since passed and nothing either of my sunglasses or SQ has been heard of, which is disappointing as I have used SQ for more than a decade and have until the last flight been satisfied with the service.