Fri, 04 Jul 2003

Simmering city angst boils over

JAKARTA: A group of teenagers on their way home from the Bung Karno Sports Complex in Central Jakarta got into a shouting match that ended in a beating by two bamboo-wielding homeless men who were teasing them as they passed by Gate 7 of the complex on Wednesday evening.

Yudi Siswanto, 22 and Nurwandi, 23, both homeless and unemployed, became offended by the taunts and teasing by the youths and began chasing the teens with bamboo rods.

During the chase, Ronald Indrawan Purwadi, 17, tripped and fell, while his seven other friends managed to flee. Yudi and Nurwandi then severely beat Ronald, and only stopped the attack after patrolling police officers arrived.

The officers then took Yudi and Nurwandi down to the stationhouse for questioning at the Tanah Abang subprecinct. Ronald, who suffered serious head injuries, was being treated at the Mintohardjo Navy Hospital nearby. -- JP