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Siemens a pacesetter in mobile data in Indonesia

Cellular communications and data transmission have been flourishing issues. The growth rate of cell-phone users has reached significant figures in recent years, so that by the end of this year half billion people worldwide will be using mobile cell phones, with 250 million of them using GSM (Global System for Mobile Communication), the most popular world standard.

Anticipating the situation, telecommunications giant, Siemens, has prepared its measures to bring people, including Indonesians, to encounter these evolved standards, from voice to mobile Internet and mobile applications.

One of the most popular terms currently discussed for the future of mobile networks is WAP (Wireless Application Protocol). The service will let users exchange quick messages across cell phones and computers. The idea of WAP came from the wireless industry, based on existing Internet technology.

"With the explosive growth of the Internet and mobile computing, the demand for mobile data and Internet-based services is growing. Anticipating this, we have introduced a WAP gateway in Indonesia," said Satya Heragandhi ICN Senior Marketing Manager of PT Siemens Indonesia.

He said that Siemens launched the first live WAP in Indonesia in March. This Siemens WAP Gateway system can be accessed via the networks of the three GSM operators in the country. He said this was a kind of pilot project. Siemens wants to introduce WAP to Indonesians by collaborating with the operators.

Siemens initiated the platform for high-speed mobile data industry in Indonesia. "We offer GSM network operators a complete WAP-based solution to enable their subscribers to gain access to Internet-based content and applications. Siemens offers comprehensive experience in planning, building and integrating GSM systems. Siemens has also endorsed WAP to various Indonesian segments, including telecommunications experts, operators as well as end-users" Heragandhi said.

He also added "Siemens wants to demonstrated how the mobile phone can become an intelligent mobile terminal for tailor-made information by using a personalized WAP portal site".

Siemens takes a leading edge in introducing innovative telecommunications solution for the world market. With 149 years of experience in Indonesia, Siemens has shown its commitment with providing a complete WAP Gateway in its own premise. The reason for this is in order to be able to introduce all the local competence in the Indonesian mobile data market, WAP content has to be built and develop locally in Indonesia.

"In our WAP system, Siemens provides users useful information. Later, users will be able to access various public information, such as train schedule, flight schedule and local news. The next thing will be e-commerce that users can deal at anytime, anywhere. This will absolutely depend on content providers," Satya said, adding that contents are the key to the market, and more-over local content is even more essential to guarantee the success of the products.

As a matter of fact, Siemens has already commercially deployed WAP solutions at over 10 mobile operators in Europe and Asia, including operators in Germany, Spain, Norway, Belgium, Singapore and Hong Kong. Furthermore, Siemens, to date, has entered into relationships with more than 25 GSM network operators in Asia, Europe and Africa to implement WAP solutions for trial and/or commercial operation.


WAP initially brings in more opportunity to people to access the Internet via different media, which is now the mobile phone. WAP brings in a lot more new opportunities to mobile operators, Internet service providers, Internet content providers, application developers and the most important: mobile phone users.

Similar to personalized websites in the World Wide Web, users have only to access a generic WAP portal that can be configured to personal needs and interests -- by simple point-and-click selection. Entering this portal site again, the user has instant and comfortable access to those topics he is interested in.

The point of WAP standard is to serve Internet contents and Internet services to wireless users with WAP ready devices, such as mobile phones and terminals. WAP converts the extraneous information so that websites can be displayed on the screen of mobile phones.

Beyond the WAP solutions, Siemens has demonstrated other innovative mobile solutions based on any cellular systems, including GSM, GPRS and UMTS/IMT-2000.

Heragandhi said The WAP gateway introduced in March is only one step to bringing Indonesians into the era of the high-speed mobile data system.

The rapid changes in the telecommunications industry in Indonesia -- the merger of communications, information, entertainment and services -- are primary drivers for Siemens strong commitments in Indonesia.

Data transmission handled by mobile technology is set to increase even more sharply in the future. The general trend toward convergence, which is enabling data and voice networks, fixed and mobile networks, means that mobile multimedia communications will also become increasingly important.

Siemens aims to leads to the next generation of mobile networks with a wide range of mobile solutions based on GSM, GPRS/EDGE and the UMTS, which will include seamless integrated voice and data services that will enable the mobile phone to become a powerful tool for information, transaction, payment, security and entertainment.

New products

In addition to providing a complete WAP solution and other mobile data transmission technologies, Siemens also offers sophisticated mobile phones to provide uniquely innovative wireless Internet services to its mobile customers.

The mobile communication market has proven to be one of the fastest growing segments in the telecommunications market. Handsets, therefore, must be applicable for Internet transmission.

To match the WAP standard, Siemens has a wide range of mobile phones able to request information (weather forecasts, economic data and news) and makes electronic shopping, ticketing, banking or brokering even less dependent on time and place.

Future wireless systems will provide users not only voice, text and audio features, but also high-quality images and video in the wide-band frequency. This will include interactive news delivery (voice, video, e-mail and graphics), interactive audio, Internet games and video conferencing with file transfer capability. Siemens is ready with its WAP-based mobile phones, which include the S35i, C35i and M35i.

Robby Darmasetiawan, General Manager of PT Dian Graha Elektrika, distributor for Siemens AG in Indonesia, said the new handsets would be launched in Indonesia early next month.

"The products are also launched at about the same time in other countries in Asia and Europe," he said.

He said that users could find what they were looking for in the products: lighter, smaller, cuter, smarter, longer-lasting batteries, multi-banded and other features.

"The products make users mobile, appearing as an organizer, notepad and WAP terminal in a single device that fits in the pocket" he said.

"To grab a bigger market in Indonesia, any producer must meet what consumers want. We have to follow their lifestyles and offer what they need," Robby said. That is why Siemens introduces three types, targeting three different segments.

Actually, cell-phone producers divide Indonesian consumers into several segments, but the market trend shows that cellular phones will become a lifestyle necessity for most.

The 35i Advantage

Overall, the 35i series gives users access to the Internet, allows them to send e-mails, use Short Messaging Services (SMS) and send paper-free faxes -- and it is no bigger than a cigarette case. In conjunction with smart cards or multimedia cards, the 35i series can also be used for Mobile Banking, for instance. It is linked to the mobile phone via an infrared interface.

People around the world are excited about the WAP technology, the stepping stone to the newer age in mobile data telephony. With Siemens WAP technology system and handsets, users, also those in Indonesia, can look forward to an exciting new world of mobile Internet access and a higher level of information, blending personal convenience, contents and applications with convenient and innovative technologies set by Siemens,

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