Sun, 08 Jun 2003

Showcasing tradition

Text and photos by P.J. Leo

Other parts of the country may garner more recognition, but the arts and handicrafts of the Alor people are also worthy of attention.

The local administration of the regency in East Nusa Tenggara recently organized a handicraft expo in Kalabahi, the regency capital.

Regent Ansgerius Takalapeta said the event was aimed at motivating local people to continue and preserve traditional handicrafts as a means to uphold their identity.

Alor is known for its version of the traditional ikat woven cloth, but other events held in conjunction with the expo included dance performances, an archery competition and a seminar on traditional cloth.

A unique event was a seminar on moko (a bronze kettledrum), believed to date back to wares found in China in 300 BC but now a special heirloom passed down over the generations.