Wed, 29 Nov 2000

Shipping fraud

I am an Egyptian diplomat who was posted in Jakarta for four years (1996-2000) and to me it was one of the best times of my life spent in this beautiful country of yours. But unfortunately it didn't end as happily as it started because I was the victim of a very bad fraud and cheating experience when I tried to ship my things from Jakarta to Cairo via Singapore, with a company called "PT Combi Cargo" headed by a guy called Mr. Rudolf Tambari.

My experience, which cost me around US$2,300, involved all the furniture I had gathered throughout the whole period of my stay in Jakarta. After receiving confirmation from the above mentioned company about the exact time of the departure of my ship, I organized a packing company to pack my things (which I have to say was very good but of course cost me Rp 9 million). Then I rented two cars to send the stuff to Tanjung Priok for the loading process, based on a prior agreement to send my things to the port by 5 p.m..

So, after abiding by the agreement, I arrived at the port to find a representative telling me they have to ship my things after I leave and that it will take two months to arrive in Alexandria, because it has to be rolled over in the port in Singapore until they find a ship that goes to Alexandria. And after arguing about his responsibility to find a compromise, we reached a deadlock. So I left with all my things back to my home, and boy was that an experience because it rained heavily and all the packing and furniture was nearly destroyed (electronics and wood).

I decided to speak to the boss, Mr. Rudolf. After several games of hide-and-seek I met him to ask for compensation for all the expenses and destruction of my things. But of course he was very impolite and we did not reach any useful solutions regarding this subject. So I left angrily because I had a very short time before leaving.

I am writing this from Cairo, through my middleman and representative in Jakarta (PT Golden Bali Express), to ask for compensation of at least $1,000 for all the damage that I suffered throughout this whole process, which consumed both time and money.


Ex Consul of Egypt in Jakarta