Thu, 13 Oct 1994

Sharp shooters versus boars

BANDAR LAMPUNG, Lampung: Hundreds of farm families in the Padang Cermin subdistrict have been overwhelmed by boars on the rampage destroying their crops.

Desperate farmers have asked the local branch of the Sharp Shooters Association (Perbakin) to help them exterminate the pests, Antara reported.

Many hectares of crops like paddy, banana, soybean have been destroyed by the beasts which "raided" the residents' farms in large herds.

"Only clove and coconut trees are safe because the boars cannot climb," said chairman of the local Perbakin Syamsul Ma'arif.

The boars, increasing in number, are no longer afraid of farmers who try to repel them with traditional methods like beating bamboo drums. (pan)