Sat, 16 Sep 2000

Settling traffic jam

Now that we have come to the era of globalization, all countries compete to be more successful. Therefore, even though Indonesia's national production is increasing, Indonesia should not be satisfied. This situation should be a starter to improve further economic potential. Here are my suggestions: 1. To save oil: Oil leads world economy. Indonesia is rich for its natural resources. However, saving is unavoidable. One way to save is using oil as effectively as possible. In Jakarta, the problem that relates to wasting oil is the traffic jam. During traffic jams, each and every person wastes oil. Should this wasting be converted to money, certainly it would be a huge amount. 2. To save time: Time determines economy. The streets should be in good condition. If they are good, we will be able to move easily. In the end, this will increase productivity and improve social economic conditions. 3. To engage workers: Production requires a work force. If Indonesia is productive, unemployment problems may be helped. Should Indonesia be a well-developed country, it would be famous among the countries in the world as a strong country.

My conclusion is there should be a policy regarding car supply. Immediate construction of big streets in Jakarta and other big cities may help us to use our time and money for more productive ways. Not to mention that it engages employment.

To settle traffic jam problems should be our main concern to enable us to increase industrial economic product. And then in the near future Indonesia would gain national gross. I should add here that good conditions of economy in Indonesia would effect not only on industrial production but also tourism. If more tourists come, our tourism will develop well.