Sun, 03 Aug 2003

Setting out to sea

Papua, the easternmost province in the country, is a unique land, the tropical island found at the highest altitude and blessed with magnificent biodiversity.

Apart from its beautiful jungle, Papua is renowned for its stunning shoreline. Just imagine a carpet of white sand, fringing a shimmering green sea.

By day, sounds of the waves and winds mingle with the cheerful hollering of children playing in the sand or on small boats.

Their parents prepare to fish in the evening. When the sun goes down and darkness falls, it is time to set sail.

-- Text and photos P.J. Leo

Photo A: Bengong Photo E: Bersih

A resident of Saba beach in Biak prepares his tackle before fishing early in the morning (photo above). Most of the local people go fishing in the evening, using kerosene lamps to guide their way. A fisherman from Dawi islet picks through his net in the morning (photo below). Dawi islet is located at Padaido island in Biak Numfor, Papua.

Photo B: Perahu Photo C: Children Photo D: Baris

(Clockwise from photo above) Children in Tanjung Barari sail through mangroves. With a couple of oars, children play at being sailors at Bawai beach in Serui. Waiting for the return of their fathers, boys are in training for their own life at sea in the future.