Tue, 25 Oct 1994

Services for newcomers in Bekasi

BEKASI, West Java (JP): The Bekasi administration will launch a new service making the application for new ID and family cards a simpler process for former Jakartans now residing in the Bekasi area.

Suyitno, an official in charge of residential papers, said yesterday that the newcomers could collectively apply for their new ID and family cards through the head of the community.

Newcomers are usually required to bring old documents with them to the sub-district and district offices before getting new documents.

The Bekasi administration has now promised to slash red tape by making it possible for newcomers to apply collectively with the help of their community leader.

Suyitno said the government hopes the new process will encourage newcomers to register.

Adi Kustiawan, another official of the office, said the government will start the one-month offer on Nov. 1, adding that all of the nine districts in Bekasi will be informed of the offer to make sure that all residents will know how to apply.

Suyitno said that as of June 1994 he recorded 8,200 former Jakartans, now residents of Bekasi, with no local documents.

"They don't even change their license plate numbers," he said, referring to the difference between administrations in West Java and Jakarta.

Although Bekasi has been transformed into a sub-urban area of Jakarta, it is under the authority of West Java's administration, whose capital is Bandung.

Suyitno said those 8,200 people will help increase local revenues, due to the taxes they have to pay if they want to register under the new administration.

He stressed that the Bekasi administration hopes the new method will encourage the newcomers, usually living in new housing areas, to get their local documents. (12/09)