Mon, 21 Aug 2000

Sending SMS between Satelindo and Telkomsel

By Lim Tri Santosa

BANDUNG (JP): So you enjoy your cell phone's text messaging feature, and you think you can't survive without it. The Short Message Service (SMS) is available nowadays on most digital mobile networks, allowing people to send and receive short text messages on their cell phones. Today, almost every mobile operator offers such a service (except prepaid Simpati Telkomsel cards), but it is nearly always restricted to their own subscribers.

Satelindo subscribers (either prepaid or postpaid) can send SMS to Telkomsel subscribers (prepaid or postpaid) and Telkomsel subscribers (only postpaid) can send SMS to Satelindo subscribers (prepaid or postpaid). SMS can send e-mail to Satelindo subscribers (prepaid or postpaid) or Telkomsel subscribers (either prepaid or postpaid).

The principle of sending SMS between Satelindo and Telkomsel subscribers is sending an e-mail via SMS through the eXcell gateway phone number in Italy (+393 33 4774753) to be delivered to the Quios registered recipient's e-mail address which has been set up with Q-Mail alert and which is associated with a Satelindo or Telkomsel cell phone number.

In order to send SMS between different cellular networks, the SMS recipient should have an e-mail account at Quios Wireless Service ( and set up Q-Mail alert. The sender of SMS should know beforehand the Quios e-mail address of the recipient and the sender must already have registered with the eXcell service ( (both services are free), otherwise they cannot send the SMS. This is because the system works through e-mail and unregistered eXcell members cannot send e-mail via SMS with a subject, only the body of the message.

The Q-Mail alert received by the recipient only contains the e-mail address of the sender and the subject. The sender should be careful when typing the Quios e-mail address of recipient; it must be in lowercase.


Q-Mail is a service that allows you to receive an alert on your cell phone when an e-mail is sent to you. It accomplishes this with the help of an e-mail forwarding service on the website. When you register, you automatically receive an e-mail forwarding account with your Quios ID. So, for example, if your Quios ID was Lily, your e-mail forwarding address would be

On the Quios website, where Lily set up her Q-Mail, she enters her home e-mail account to have e-mail forwarded from her Quios account ( to her home e-mail account (example: She doesn't forget to click the checkbooks Q- Mail Notification to the 'on' position. When someone sends an e- mail to her Quios account, an alert is sent to her cell phone to let her know that an e-mail has arrived.

The alert only displays the sender and subject. If the subject is too long for one SMS message, then she will receive more SMS. The body of the text is too large to send to her cell phone's display. However, she can read the full text by checking her home e-mail since the e-mail itself is forwarded to the e-mail address ( that she specified when setting up Q-Mail. Lily's cell-phone uses the Telkomsel network.

John is a registered user of the eXcell service and Lily is his beloved wife. He has an e-mail address at and subscribes to Satelindo's prepaid service Mentari. On their 30th wedding anniversary, he wants to present a special cake to her. He ordered a cake with this inscription: "You are not getting older, you are just getting better." The shop assistant asked how he wanted the message arranged and he said, "Just put 'You are not getting older' at the top and 'You are just getting better' at the bottom."

Then John send a private message to his wife. He types an SMS like this: EMA Honey, I will be home early, love, John. It wasn't until he was ready to serve the cake in front of his wife that he discovered it read: "You are not getting older at the top, you are just getting better at the bottom."

The moral of the story is be careful when dictating a message to a shop assistant, especially when you want to send something to your partner. Fortunately, Lily received the cake with a big grin. The syntax command to send SMS between different cellular networks: EMA When typing in the message section, you should begin and end with a period and the message cannot contain a period either.

You can also send SMS via your regular e-mail client software (Eudora, Outlook, etc) and type as many as characters in subject field. The SMS recipient will receive more than one SMS. Ordinary SMS only contain a maximum 160 characters, but with Quios the sender can send more than 160 characters. How? The recipient will receive more than one SMS if the subject message contains more than 160 characters.

There is one disadvantage of the above technique, the recipient must have an account first at Quios before someone can send SMS via e-mail and the sender must register first with eXcell.

All Satelindo and Telkomsel users should register their cell phones at the eXcell and Quios web sites, therefore you will be able to send (except for Simpati) and receive SMS between different cellular networks. It is better when you register at Quios using your own cell phone number as an ID: 081 ..., as people can easily remember the Quios e-mail address. (