Fri, 30 Nov 2001

Seminar on housemaids

JAKARTA: A seminar here has concluded that the government should issue a new regulation on housemaids, which would give them the same rights as other workers.

The seminar on violence against housekeepers, which was organized by several non-governmental organizations, including Komnas Perempuan (Human Rights Commission for Woman), noted that the current government regulations on housemaids do not fully cover their rights and only benefit their employers.

"The labor ministry should issue a new regulation to protect the rights of housekeepers and put them in the same position as other workers," Tien A.R., of Jasa Abadi foundation, a company that supplies housekeepers, said at the seminar on Wednesday.

Dhevy Setya Wibawa of Komnas Perempuan said that due to the absence of such a regulation, housemaids often fall victims to violence by their employers.

"There are many reported cases of housemaids being maltreated," she said, adding that many people treated their housemaids like slaves.--JP