Fri, 23 May 2003

Secure Parking respons

As the attorneys of PT Securindo Packatama Indonesia, we would like to respond to a letter from Singgih Ananto published in The Jakarta Post on May 2, 2003, about a Honda Astrea motorcycle missing from the Graha Iskandarsyah building, as follows: * It is true that Secure Parking takes care of parking services at the Iskandarsyah building. * Secure Parking and Singgih Ananto reported this missing motorcycle to the Kebayoran Baru Police station at Taman Puring, South Jakarta. The police are now conducting an investigation into this matter.

All this shows that Secure Parking has done its best to help Singgih Ananto, as one of the users of its services. As the police are handling this case, we all should respect the principle of the presumption of innocence as part of the reform process, in which the supremacy of the law prevails. * As a parking service management institution, Secure Parking takes care of parking matters and is not responsible for any losses. The owner himself or herself must insure his or her own vehicle. Regional Regulation No. 5/1999 on parking stipulates in Subarticle 2 of Article 36 that "anybody using a parking space shall be responsible for the loss of vehicle or property in the vehicle or for damage to the vehicles while the vehicle is in the parking ground".

Secure Parking only allows the parking space to be used for some payment, and it is the obligation of a vehicle owner, not Secure Parking, to be responsible for the loss of the vehicle. Secure Parking is not to be held responsible for any losses arising because of missing vehicles. In connection with the missing motorized vehicle owned by Singgih Ananto, Secure Parking will give him Rp 1 million as a token of sympathy. This means that Secure Parking has reimbursed two hundredfold the parking fee of Rp 500/hour that Singgih Ananto paid. * Secure Parking provides a Customer Service Hotline (number 021- 624-6955) as a medium through which services to service users may be improved.

FIFI LETY INDRA and Partners,

Attorneys of PT Securindo Packatama Indonesia, Jakarta