Mon, 02 Jun 2003

Saving trees and animals

A really great editorial in The Jakarta Post on Tuesday, May 27, under the title Paradise lost?. It certainly beats all that hype we've been having recently about Inul.

If even half as much attention was paid to saving the trees and animals we may make a difference. Though, judging from the next day's news item, Only 10 rhinos left in Sumatra, we had better sit up and pay attention rather promptly.

To quote Cahyo Hudoyo from his letter to the Post earlier: "Is there anybody out there", a national leader who has both courage and integrity, "who is bold enough to take whatever necessary measures" ... And in this case, say no to the rampant illegal trading and poaching encouraged and financed by many in high places. Please God I hope it is not too late.

CYNDY CROSS, Bogor, West Java