Sat, 25 Jan 2003

Save the animals

It must be almost a year since I was inspired or incensed enough to write a letter, although a week rarely goes by without some article in The Jakarta Post violating my sentiments so as to make me want to grab a pen and express my outrage; though the writing of a mere letter seems so futile -- just a small voice crying out in the wilderness -- "Please save the animals."

So few tigers, so many humans, and now the poor rampaging elephants trying desperately to hold on to their land. (See the Post, Jan. 23, 2003).

Surely us humans' heedless destruction of the environment is a far greater threat to life than any terrorist attack. Greed must be the biggest enemy of us all.

If this letter seems lacking in inspiration it is because it is the remaining crumbs from many a silent plea.

CYNTHIA CROSS Bogor, West Java