Mon, 16 Aug 2010

TEMPO Interactive, Jakarta:A South-African based energy company, Sasol Synfuels International, has not decided whether to invest in Indonesia, said the Oil and Natural Gas director-general, Evita Legowo, who is also the Liquid Coal Development Team chief, yesterday.

The government and Sasol initially intended to look into liquid coal development in Indonesia. Liquid coal was to be used as vehicle fuel, replacing oil fuel. Sasol has successfully developed coal to becoming vehicle fuel in South Africa.

Evita would not comment about the negotiation process with Sasol. “We are still drafting the agreement,” she said.

She also would not reveal the impediments found during the negotiation. “The process is not completed yet,” she claimed, adding that the agreement with Sasol involves many government agencies.

On a separate occasion, Industry Minister Muhamad Sulaiman Hidayat said the collaboration with the South African company was one of the three major projects carried out by the government. He also said potential investors are very serious about the project to transform coal into gas for vehicles.