Sat, 27 Aug 1994

Saigon Kick concert to rock Jakarta

JAKARTA (JP): "We will rock our Jakarta fans with an enthralling and energetic performance," Jason Bieler, lead vocal of the Miami-based music group Saigon Kick, says.

Popular among the Indonesian pre-teens locally known as Anak Baru Gede, Saigon Kick, comprising Jason Bieler, lead vocal and guitarist; bassist Chris McLernon, and drummer Phil Varone, have promised to present their recent hits, such as I Love You, Love Is On the Way and On And On.

The group's concert here is part of their world tour to promote their newest album Water. Aside from the hit On and On, this album also contains other striking songs, such as Torture and Fields of Rape, which relate miserable stories of the Bosnian war.

In Indonesia they will perform in several cities.

In Jakarta, their show will take place in the Plenary Hall of the Jakarta Hilton Convention Center tonight (Aug.27).

On Aug.29, the group will present a show at the Eldorado Dome in Bandung, West Java.

In Surabaya, East Java, Saigon Kick is to appear at Go Skate on Aug. 31.

The group's closing concert is in the Amphitheater in Denpasar, Bali, on Sept. 3.

Saigon Kick's performances here are a joint effort between Djarum Super, Prambors Radio Station, the Surabaya-based SCTV privately-owned television station and the youth magazine Hai.

"Tickets for all performances are almost sold out," Becky Tumewu of the organizing committee said yesterday.

The prices of the tickets range from Rp 50,000 (about US$25) to Rp 150,000 ($75).

Established in l988, the group began to penetrate the international music scene when they became the opening groups for a number of famous rock groups like Extreme and legend musician Ozzy Osborne. Their performances have caught the attention of noted music critics. "Their music is the harmonious combination of rock and classic music. A mixture of the music of Soundgarden and Hollies (famous music group in l960s)," as they were praised in the Chicago Tribune. (raw)