Sat, 27 Aug 1994

S. Jakarta receives medal

South Jakarta has been named the recipient of a gold medal for its achievements in the collection of Oblation and Alms (ZIS) in the just concluded 1993/1994 fiscal year.

The mayoralty collected a total of Rp 651.9 million (US$299,723) or almost twice of the target of Rp 361.7 million from the Moslem community last year.

M. Yanis, a spokesman for the mayoralty administration, said Thursday that Bazis, a body entrusted by the city administration to collect the oblation and alms, as of July has collected Rp 257.7 million of the Rp 532 million targeted for the 1994/1995 fiscal year.

This year East Jakarta won the silver medal while West Jakarta got the bronze medal. (yns)