Tue, 07 Nov 2000

RP painter Jane in town

JAKARTA (JP): The young and famous Philippines-born painter Jane del Rosario, who now resides in America's Beverly Hills, is to display her original paintings in a six-day exhibition starting Thursday at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel here as part of a tour of other major cities around the world.

Some of the works of the 25-year-old painter, who offered her first paintings at the Quaipo tourist marketplace in Manila four years ago, are now in the private collections of famous figures and celebrities, such as former U.S. president Gerald Ford, tennis champion Steffi Graf and magician David Copperfield.

In 1997, one of her paintings entitled Somewhere Out There was displayed at Europe's famous Museum for Naive Art and Art Brut.

Before exhibiting her works in Jakarta, Jane is holding a similar event in Cologne, Germany. After Jakarta, she will display her paintings in Hong Kong, Austria, Switzerland, France and Australia. (dja)