Tue, 25 Oct 1994

Roy wins Malaysian race

JAKARTA (JP): Indonesia's Roy Haryanto sped to victory in the third leg of the Formula Asia racing series Sunday on the Shah Alam circuit, Malaysia, closing in on championship leader David Sonenscher of England.

Roy clocked the fastest time of 27 minutes 6.56 seconds in the second race, outclassing Hong Kong's Darren Shaw who beat him in the opening race. Roy was second behind Shaw in 27:21.99 during the first session, but Shaw slumped into the eighth place in the final race.

"Starting from the seventh pole prevented me from easing past Darren in the first race. Anyway, I feel relief with the result," Roy said. Sonenscher was forced to pull out of the circuit due to engine trouble, but is still six points ahead of Roy at 36. (amd)