Thu, 05 Oct 2000

Robbers flee with goods

BOGOR (JP): Bogor police are searching for six men in connection with an armed robbery early Wednesday morning. Robbers easily made away with electronic equipment from an unlocked public telephone kiosk of state-run PT Telkom, at Pasirmuncang village, Caringin area.

The office security officer, Dasuki, 30, said the six men entered the office by jumping over a fence.

"Four of them beat me and tied me, then cut the telephone lines. Two others stood guard outside," he said on Wednesday.

The robbers had an easy time because the office was unlocked and the office cleaning service helper, Muhidin, was asleep on the sofa. They tied his hands and feet with a plastic rope.

Another helper, Agus, who was asleep in the prayer room, did not dare to leave the room after learning that there were robbers in the office.

The robbers stole a TV set, a tape recorder, a facsimile machine, a paper shredding machine and three computers. They escaped in a Kijang van, with registration number B-1955-FN. (21/ylt)