Sat, 05 Feb 2000

Robber suspects arrested

BOGOR (JP): Bogor Regional Police have arrested three men suspected of stealing a truck loaded with 320 sacks of cement and were still looking for two other suspects.

The three, identified as Rahman, Lumban Raja and Agus, were nabbed in separate arrests in the past couple of days.

Bogor regional police chief Col. Edi Darnadi said on Thursday that the other two men, Rohmin and Joni Pandjaitan, were still at large.

The robbery occurred early last month. After Rahman, Lumban Raja and Joni transferred the sacks of cement to another truck, they drove to Ngawi, East Java.

The three then drove to Madiun, East Java, where they sold the truck to Rohmin and Agus.

Rohmin and Agus then dismantled the truck into three units -- the cab, the chassis and the engine.

"They (Rohmin and Agus) kept the cab and the chassis in Madiun, selling the engine in Jakarta," Edi said, adding that the truck parts were seized as evidence.

The cement was sold to Karya Abadi and Jaya Abadi material shops in Cirendeu, Bogor. (24/edt)