Mon, 30 Aug 2010

Jakarta (ANTARA News) - Electricity basic tariff rate (TDL) in Indonesia is the highest among ASEAN countries, Golkar Party chairman Aburizal Bakrie has said.

Therefore he said Golkar strongly rejected the government`s plan to raise TDL in 2011.
"Government plan to raise electricity basic tariff rate will make the industry in Indonesia worse off and could not compete with that from other country, especially China," Aburizal said here on Saturday.

He said if the government insisted on raising the TDL in 2011 it would also make the industry in the country unable to compete either with that in other ASEAN countries.

According to him, the planned electricity basic tariff rate hikes would have a negative impact on other companies in the country and even make them to go bankrupt, increase the number of lay-off workers and unemployment.

"That is the consideration why Golkar Party strongly rejects the government plan to raise the electricity basic tariff rate next year," Aburizal said.

He said that in his opinion there was another option to make instead of raising the TDL, if there was a strong will from the government, namely the state electricity company PT PLN.

According to the Golkar chairman, the option had been proposed to the government in 2005 when he was coordinating minister for economy.

At the time Aburizal proposed that the PLN stop using diesel oil for all power plants and replace it with mix energy because it was cheaper.

He said if PLN stopped using oil as the source of energy at power plants and replaced it with mix energy since 2005, the TDL hikes would no longer be needed.

But unfortunately the PLN to date remains using expensive diesel oil for the power plants and had yet to be ready to change it with mix energy. (*)