Sun, 07 Dec 2003

Riders chalks up double win in cycling

The Jakarta Post, Hanoi

Indonesia's cyclists raced to double victory in the Criterium competition at Hoan Kim Lake in the center of Hanoi on Saturday.

Santia Tri Kusuma and Uyun Muzizah made it a one-two victory in the women's 30.6 kilometers, leaving Monrudee Chapookam of Thailand in third for bronze.

Later, Ferinanto completed the celebration with a convincing performance in which he beat Thai Youthaporn Hinthao and Filipino Alfie Catatan.

Team manager Sofyan Ruzian said Ferinanto deserved the honor given that the 25-year-old rider had better endurance and sprint skills.

"He has improved after being groomed for three months. Good endurance and sprint definitely count in the race," he told The Jakarta Post.

However, Sofyan said a 15-point victory had not been anticipated. Ferinanto led the fray from start to finish to score 31 points in 30 laps against Hinthao's 16.

Catatan was a point behind the silver medalist.

"We had expected tougher competition than appeared today. I know Youthaporn had a training workout in Switzerland. He beat Tonton (Susanto) in the ITT (International Time Trial) in Thailand weeks before the SEA Games," he said.

Tonton is Indonesia's number one rider, and is absent from the current SEA Games.

The women's race was tougher. Santia and Uyun found themselves trailing behind Chapookam and Vo Thi Phuong Phi of Vietnam in the ninth of 18 laps.

"But they strived hard and managed to take the lead in the charge at the end," Sofyan said. Santia scored 15 points, Uyun 12 and Chapookam 11.

Uyun, along with Dahlina Rosydia, will be back to race in the 30-kilometer Individual Time Trial, while Rochmat Nugraha and Amin Suryana will be the team's male contenders.