Fri, 11 Apr 2003

RI police probe into Davao blast

JAKARTA: Police here are investigating the possible involvement of five Indonesians in the March 4 bombing of Sasa seaport in Davao, the Philippines.

"There is an intelligence analysis that says five Indonesians might have been involved in the bombing. We need to investigate further to determine its accuracy," National Police Gen. Da'i Bachtiar said after a Cabinet meeting on Thursday.

He said the police were seeking more information on the five Indonesians accused of perpetrating the attack from intelligence officials and suspected bombers now under detention in the Bali capital of Denpasar and the South Sulawesi capital of Makassar.

"The suspects claimed to know nothing about the five Indonesians named. However, there is a possibility that their names are aliases," Da'i said.

Two Indonesian nationals are being detained in the Philippines in connection with terror activities. -- JP