Sun, 23 Jan 2000

RI makes top ten in Transnational bridge event

JAKARTA (JP): Indonesia men's team finished in the top 10 of the Transnational Contract Bridge World Championships at Bermuda Islands on Thursday. Indonesia collected 266 Victory Points (VPs), as did France.

Kompas daily also reported that the national women's team earned 233 VPs to finish in the 43rd position.

Both teams competed in the Transnational after they failed in early championships of Bermuda Bowl and Venice Cup.

Indonesia's national team -- comprising Henky Lasut and Eddy Manoppo, Franky Karwur and Denny Sacul, and Santje Panelewen and Robert Tobing -- had aimed to reach the Bermuda Bowl semifinals. But the players had to bury their dreams when they had to bow out to Norway in the quarterfinals.

Eddy, who returned home earlier with Henky, said the team's failure was not because of wrong strategy or poor physical condition but merely because of the players' skills and lack of preparation.

"We lost not because we were unlucky but we have to admit that our preparation and technical skills have yet to reach their maximum standard," Eddy was quoted by Antara as saying.

On the contrary, Henky said, Indonesia was unlucky during the competition against Norway.

"We had been leading in the early rounds but at the last moment the Norway team managed to take over the lead," he said.

Eddy said the failure must be seriously evaluated to fulfill the country's ambition to reach the Bermuda Bowl final in 2001 in Bali.

Indonesia's women's team -- comprising Lusje Bojoh and Joice Mandolang Tueje, Sartje Suoth Pontoh and Elvita Kuhu Lasut, and Elita Syofian and Uki Tedjo -- also failed in the Venice Cup early rounds.

The Netherlands women's team won the Venice Cup contract bridge final after beating the United States I team 249.7-249.3 IMP in Bermuda Islands on Thursday.

In the Bermuda Bowl final, the United States I men's team would definitely bring home the title after it led 443-204 IMP over Brazil until Thursday's matches. Brazil still has a chance to win the last two sections, but the results would not influence the United States' victory. (yan)