Wed, 25 Sep 2002

Revolution not reform

From Rakyat Merdeka

When students and politicians touted the term "reform" in 1998, I said to myself it should have been revolution. We should have drawn up an agenda for a revolution, instead of reform.

Why? There are changes now but they are superficial. When a revolution is waged, there will be total and fundamental changes.

Students and progressive and revolutionary young people must keep aflame their revolutionary spirit. Pancasila and the 1945 Constitution, the foundation of our revolution, have been abandoned by political parties as they are too busy with their own conviction and believe that they have a monopoly over the truth.

The goal of establishing a just and prosperous society based on Pancasila has been replaced by the goal of a liberal economy and liberal politics. Antagonism between the leaders and the people has increasingly come to the fore. Crime is rampant. The society has taken the law into its own hands. Corruption, collusion and nepotism have found fertile soil. Laws have been traded and politicians talk and talk only to collect money.


Tangerang, Banten