Sun, 21 May 2000


Hope and expectation
mingle with stress, tight and tense,
challenging every negotiation;
It just doesn't make sense.

Problems keep piling up uncontrollably,
torturing my poor mind mercilessly.
My thoughts keep turning round and round
in a vicious circle devoid of sound

Until at one moment, absolutely exhausted,
they yet stranded in a frightening dream
in which they turn round and round once again.
Leaping over here and over there as if in a team.

Now they browse in my subconscious mind,
digging up unfavorable reminiscences long forgotten
which now install themselves then and there to unwind
the reel of happenings I wish had never happened.

Enough is enough and I get up abruptly,
all alone in the middle of the night.
My body's soaked in perspiration completely.
It must be a deplorable sight.

Grasping for breath I move away my blanket,
and then sit up straight on the edge of my bed.
I try hard to recollect the confusing dreams,
but fail to remember anything, it seems.

I guess now there's only one way out
for this horrible stress to be wiped out.
I resolutely get off my bed and start praying.
I believe He's All-knowing and All-understanding

Through my prayers may He bestow calm upon me.

When early in the morning I'm awakened
by the cheerful singing of the birds
I realize how fresh and full of zest
I feel now here inside me.
I'm most grateful, my friend, since
half the night I've been given a beauty sleep
without a single dream.

-- By Djoeweriah Poorwo S.