Tue, 21 Nov 2000

Residents protest to laundry firm

BOGOR (JP): Residents of Kedung Halang subdistrict north of here are complaining about their polluted wells, which they suspect to have been caused by PT Laundry Nusantara Jaya laundry service company.

"The company's fluid waste has run into our wells, turning the color of the water blueish with offensive smell like a rotten egg," Maesaroh, a resident who lives just next to the company, said on Monday.

She said residents of the subdistrict have frequently asked for clean water from their neighbors in nearby subdistricts.

A neighborhood unit chief, Engkus, said the residents had previously protested to the company over the waste they dumped into the Ciparigi river, commonly used by residents for bathing and washing clothes.

Engkus said the company then provided waste containers. He suspected the offensive smell came from the containers when they were cleaned each week.

Laundry Nusantara Jaya's chief Karnadi was not available for comment. (21/lup)